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About Us

Green Afro-Palms (GAP)

Green Afro-Palms (GAP) is a growing agro-company rising in GHANA-Africa creating sustainable Agric-business that is driven by entrepreneurship, innovation and a desire for social change.


To be the number one agro-company standing out in Plantation cultivation and Agro-Processing, for production and supply of premium food brands and agro-products.



To implement best farming and processing technology for production of food and agro-products.

To promote sustainable development of Agriculture in Africa to feed the World, generate employment and create wealth with maximum impact to society.



To Enrich the World with agriculture, through our foods and products.



• Our primary activity is in Oil palm cultivation, running the GTP Project to produce oil palm fruits for value additional processed products.

• Our second activity is in Vegetable cultivation (tomatoes, chili pepper); producing fresh vegetables for end user consumption.

• Efficient processing and production of agro-consumer products such as Crude palm oil (CPO) Purified palm oil (PPO), Palm kernel oil (PKO), Palm fiber for wood and Palm fiber cake (PFC). Crude and Purified palm oil represents 80% of our product mix, with kernels for palm kernel oil about 12% and fiber cake around 8%.

• Providing agro- processing services to small scale farmers within Ghana.

• Marketing processed oil palm products from small scale farmers through our consolidated market platform (locally and internationally).

Our established agro-processing facility in Ghana-West Africa:
- Provides FEE (Fast, Easy & Efficient) agro-processing services to small scale farmers aiding them efficiently get more oils from harvests than their current methods-helping farmers make more revenue and we getting more oils to sell.

• We advocate for research into development of agriculture in Africa. Our current research: “Suitability of converting abandoned degraded small scale mining lands into Plantations”.

• We teach and sensitize farmers including the youth on agriculture through agro-technology, publications and on-field trainings focusing on modern technologies.

Our History

The founders are involved extensively in research of the oil palm industry with its challenges especially on the small scale level and the Senior Management Team are of high expertise in the industry.

We have built GAP up from nothing with no external investment, coupling it with on-ground validation for the adaptation of our business model to enable us capitalize more on the opportunity of the huge deficit of oil palm products in Ghana and Africa.

GAP’s idea in Oil Palm cultivation and CPO production uniquely functions on a close contact approach with small scale farmers and provides solutions to challenges in their value-chain activities.

Our approach focuses mainly on providing innovative solutions to small scale oil palm farming to improve productivity and this distinguishes us from our competitors in the industry, who mostly focus on their owned production as their proposition.

Meat Our Team

Meet Green Afro-Palms senior management team.

Ababio Kwame

Ababio Kwame


Ing. Abubakari Bediako

Ing. Abubakari Bediako

Co - Founder

Mr. John Collins

Head of Engineering

Professor Joseph Sarkodie

Head of Research (Farming)

Our Core Values

Learn about Green Afro-Palms core values.

  • • Health And Safety is our priority- among employees and in communities we will operate.

    • We treat each other with fairness and respect, and seek to provide opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

    • We foster a working environment that supports diversity.

  • • We are and will continuously be committed to high ethical and governance standards.

    • We are vigilant in protecting the environment, and strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

    • We support sustainable initiatives to provide lasting benefits to the communities where we work.

  • • We are results-oriented, with focus on execution of our business objectives.

    • We value innovation, adaptability and accountability to execute our business strategy.

    • We reward excellence.

    • We promote continuous improvement as our business culture .

  • • We are prudent with shareholders’ money.

    • Discipline is pivot to our management philosophy.

    • We pursue efficient ways to utilize company’s resources.

    • We will always seek new and innovative ways to drive down our costs.


Learn about Green Afro-Palms & UN SDG GOALS.

Sustainable agriculture is the most effective tool to end poverty. When farming in Africa is done properly with improved methodology and technology for its related processing activities – there is a potential of creating massive employment for sustainable livelihoods with the ability to lift millions out of poverty.

GAP is implementing modern farming for more productive yields to result in production of more food to feed ourselves (Africa) and the World. Empowering the 50 million smallholder farmers in Africa to increase productivity will aid us feed 9 Billion people by 2050.

GAPs activities of modern and improved farming is aiding the inclusion and participation of women including youth. With our 75% of work force been women our aim is to provide equal platforms for the disenfranchised women that make up 60% of African smallholder farmers.

GAP aims to revitalize agri-business and provide Africa’s youth with quality, sustainable economic opportunities by implementing modern ways of farming to address the challenges faced in agriculture; changing the face of Agriculture into a more reputable profession.


  • There exists presently a demand deficit of over 30,000mt and 850,000mt of palm oil (Oil Palm products) in Ghana and Africa respectively for both Industrial and end user consumption.
  • Ghana has utilised only 30% of its potential lands out of 1 million hectares zoned for oil palm cultivation, leaving around 70% (700,000 hectares) available for new plantation cultivation.
  • In Ghana 80% of existing plantations are owned by small and individual farmers, whose farms are mostly neglected or undermanaged. These farms opens up an opportunity where GAP capitalizes on.
  • Palm oil sold on both Ghanaian and African consumer market presently are mostly of low quality with less quality assurance, and lack of healthy packaging and branding.
  • Government of Ghana places tax incentives and reliefs for local agro-companies, giving a maximum of 10 years tax reliefs on operations.


Green Afro-Palms (GAP), beyond it been in its early stages has an excellent drive and passion in their selected field in agriculture. They are rapidly making impact in the oil palm industry; supporting small scale farmers and oil palm millers by assisting them in the managements of their farms and providing them efficient methods of milling oil palm through their newly constructed oil mills.

They are causing a revamp to the oil palm sector in Ghana, and I love where they are approaching it from, the small scale farmer’s end as they say “It is them who need support, not the giants". I share in their dream of charting agriculture in Africa, especially as it is founded by 2 young Ghanaians, who regardless of their academic qualifications as engineers all graduating within the distinction category (First class) have decided to focus on agriculture to help Africa realize its benefits for to her economy and society at large. Thumbs up Green Afro-Palms (GAP).


  • 2018- CEO of GAP, awarded Top 50 CEO in Ghana, TOP 50 CEOs Award (GHANA).
  • 2018- African Most Sustainable and Impactful Business Award, African Entrepreneurship Award by BMCE Bank (MOROCCO)
  • 2017- Best African Agric-Innovation Award, African Development Bank (INDIA)
  • 2017- Shortlisted AGRIBUSINESS OF THE YEAR Award, Ghana Startup Awards (GHANA)
  • Founder listed in Ghana Top 30 under 30 Awards as Young Ghanaians under 30 years making impact in the 2017 awards edition. Link Here
  • Founder was recently adjudged TOP 3 Young African Agri-preneurs by African Development Bank-2017, Nigeria. Link Here
  • GAP listed in 100 globally competitive start-ups-2016, Ghana.
  • Founder -President Obama’s YALI Nigeria Pioneering Cohort-2016, Nigeria.
  • GAP: Top 15 innovations in RUFORUM Challenge-2016, South Africa.
  • RUFORUM African Young Entrepreneur of the year-2016, South Africa.
  • ADLER African Young Entrepreneur -2015, Germany.
  • Founder listed 40 Ghanaians under 30 years making impact-2015, UK.
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